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" a UFO which transports an alien baby "

Written by Mika Kawamura


Miyu Kouzuki is an 8th-grade student whose parents leave for the United States to work for NASA and arrange for her to stay with their long-time family friend, Hōsho Saionji, a monk who lives at an old temple atop a hill. However, the monk himself leaves soon after for India on a year-long voyage, leaving Miyu in having to stay together in the same house with his son, Kanata.

Suddenly, the landing of a UFO which transports an alien baby, Ruu, along with his cat-like "sitterpet", Wannyā, who arrive after they were separated from their own planet, Otto, due to falling into an interplanetary worm hole, a time warp which can transport objects across several regions, planets and timeplanes. They cannot return to their home planet due to it being too difficult to reach, and Wannyā therefore requests Kanata and Miyu that they allow them to stay in their house. They agree. Miyu and Kanata learn from Wannyā that people from Planet Otto look identical to human beings, and that he himself can transform into human beings, animals and objects.

Miyu and Kanata feel a very deep love for Baby Ruu, who also cares for them deeply and likens them to his parents due to their similar looks, and often go to great lengths to help and protect him and Wannyā. As the story progresses, the group are often involved in comedic and funny situations but grow to greatly love each other. The story ends with a rescue team from outer space coming to Earth and returning Ruu and Wannyā to Otto safely and Miyu going to a boarding school alone. Though years later Miyu and Kanata reunite, get married and have a daughter named Miu. They also reunite with Wannya and Ruu.

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