Santa Kurosu


February 2



Blood Type




Voiced by

  • Joe Murray (English)
  • Hikaru Tokita (Japanese)
  • José Carabias (Spanish)
  • Cinzia Villari (Italian)
  • Jae Ho Choi (Korean)

Santa is Kanata's best friend, who often comes up with strange ideas. He has a deep love and appreciation for old records. Miyu once thought that Santa had fallen in love with a girl, but later finds out that it was instead the girl's camera he had fallen in love with. He first met Kanata through a show named Cactus Man, named after the main heroine. Cactus Man was not very popular and was cancelled early but Kanata liked the show because he felt the heroine had more heart than other heros. One day, as he was wearing a Cactus Man costume, he stumbles upon Santa, who also wears a Cactus Man costume. Soon afterwards, they place their costumes in a time capsule and open it ten years later, around the time Miyu and Kanata were with Ruu and Wanya. He has a penpal, whom he develops a liking to and vice versa. Unfortunately, she left for Germany, but not before the two meet each other in person before her departure.

His name is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of "Santa Claus", though this has no direct relation to his character.

In the end of the manga, he was dating an idol, Kyouko.

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