Miu Saionji is Kanata and Miyu's daughter, and very much resembles Miyu, from her face, her character, and her appearence. Although she also inherit Kanata's easy going.

When she was 12 years old, she sucked in by a Space Distorsion and caused her land on Planet Otto. There, she met with Mininyaa (Wanyaa's son). But because of her rare excistence as an Earth creature on Planet Otto, soon she was chased by two men who like to sell her for high prize. There, she met with a boy who used a spriritual power. His name is Ruu.

After Ruu knew the real reason Miu on the Planet Otto, Ruu decided to send Miu back to Earth. But this isn't an ordinary journey, because this journey was also part of Ruu's homework (see the Shin Daa! Daa! Daa!). But they aren't alone. Inside of a spaceship which Wannya made, there were Miu, Ruu, Mininyaa, Ran (Ruu's best friend) and Ann (an androit helper). Together, they travel through space and they finally arrived at Earth.

But because they still had a little time left before going back to Planet Otto, they decided to hide and stay inside Miu's house. But when Ruu and Miu want to take a bath together, an incident occured and Kanata along with his wife, Miyu found out Ruu and Ruu's friends excistence. Kanata was mad because he tought that Ruu (he doesn't know that the boy with Miu was Ruu) wants to do something bad to his daughter.

But when Miu said : "Don't hurt Ruu!", Kanata and Miyu instantly frozen. Miyu and Kanata touch Ruu's face and hug him, sharing their love towards him. And because of that, Ruu and his friends were allowed to stay with Saionji family with no more hide.

With time passes, Miu realize her feelings towards Ruu. She loved him, and she wish that Ruu doesn't had to come back to Planet Otto, but Ruu must come back to his hometown. But when Ruu and his friends were ready to flew back, Miu shout that she loved Ruu, and suddenly Ruu kissed her, saying that he loved her too and wish to stay with her. But Miu told Ruu to return back home, and visit her someday. Then, when Miu finally become an 8 grade student, she met with Ruu once again. At first she didn't recognize Ruu, due to her shock when Ruu and his friends return home using the spaceship and flew through the Space Distortion.

But then, she finally remembered and Ruu huged her.

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