Hosho Saionji


June 16

Blood Type


Voiced by

  • Joe Murray (English)
  • Mino Caprio (Italian)

Relatives: Kanata Saionji (son) Hitome Saionji (deceased wife) Miu Saionji (granddaughter) Miyu Kozuki (daughter-in-law)

No information

Kanata's father is a monk and the patron of the Saionji household. He goes on a pilgrimage to India soon after Miyu arrives at the Saionji household. He appears to be very irresponsible. In episode 40, it is explained that he had met Hitome when she had visited the temple and had asked him to take a picture of her and her friends. The two had began a long distance realtionship with one another shortly after until Hitome had graduated from high school and the two were reunited. He appears to have loved her very much because he will begin to burst in tears when he tries to remember her and speak of her ever since her death, making it difficult for Kanata to learn about his mother.

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