Christine Hanakomachi


September 2, 1986

Blood Type



163 cm


48 kg

Voiced by

  • Cindy Creekmore (English)
  • Alison Lester (Australian English)
  • Haruna Ikezawa (Japanese)
  • Hyeon Jin Lee (Korean)
 :Often nicknamed Chris, Christine is Miyu and Kanata's pink-haired, half-French (via her mother) and insanely wealthy classmate. She is so deeply infatuated with Kanata that she becomes extremely jealous whenever she sees him with Miyu or any other girl. She often expresses her rage by demonstrating her superhuman strength by picking up large objects, such as trees and desks, to throw in the process. The moment she snaps out of one of her "episodes", she will apologize sweetly and fix whatever items she has damaged in her rampage, with tools kept in hammerspace (i.e. construction equipment). :Her incredible jealousy is usually meant to be comical, but is sometimes used in serious situations. Chris appears completely oblivious to her supernatural powers but she appears to be timid and friendly. Coming from a very, very rich family, among her possessions are a winter lodge and a snowy mountain. She learns of Ruu's secret very early in the manga but promises not to tell, stating that she was made fun of for having red hair and being different when she was little. However, in the anime, she does not discover his secret until the end of the series. Christine's parents are not seen in the anime; instead, her companion is a butler named Shikada ("Mr. Deerfield" in the English translation) who is dressed up as a deer He has been doing this for Chris since her childhood in order to make her happy, due to her deep love for deers. Her favorite pastimes include skiing and horse riding.
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