Aya Konishi


August 24



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Aya is Miyu and Kanata's classmate who is a very good friend of Miyu and often goes shopping with her and Nanami. She has a greenish hair color that is styled in two braids. She likes school plays, which she often directs. Much to Miyu and Kanata's displeasure, some of Aya's plays or projects are extremely similar to their current life, they get annoyed sometimes when she makes Miyu and Kanata the lead roles in the play, and that is much worse when Aya develops an interest to Ruu and often features him in the plays. Aya, on occasion, has been known to start speaking French whenever she is excited. Sometimes, when she gets ideas on new plays, an orange will appear on her head, similar to Mikan's. Miyu will sometimes say she is in Mikan-mode when this happens

Personality Edit

Aya is very excited and bubly

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