This is a list of episodes for the anime television series UFO Baby. The series was adapted from a manga series of the same title by Mika Kawamura that was serialized by Kodansha in nakayoshi between February 1998 and March 2002, and collected in nine bound volumes.

The television series was produced by NHK, animated by J.C.Staff, and directed by Hiroaki Sakurai. It was broadcast in 78 episodes between March 2000 and February 2002 on NHK's BS2 broadcast satellite network. It was later rebroadcast by Animax, who translated and dubbed the series into English and numerous other languages for broadcast across its respective networks worldwide, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, South Asia. The anime concluded before the manga did, resulting in different endings for each series.

Season 1Edit

1. Suddenly Four People In The Family

2. Ruu-kun's Is Going To Climb A Stovepipe

3. Chris And Her Friends Drop By

4. Momoka And The Necklace

5. Miyu's Awful Cuisine

6. Mama Comes Over On Mother's Day

7. Ruu-kun, Popular In School

8. Ruu-kun's Acting Debut

9. A Date In The Park Between Cousins

10. Playing With Spaced-Out Santa

11. June, On Father's day... Papa Comes

12. The Mysterious Boy, Yaboshi Seiya

13. The mysterious planet Sharaku

14. Help!! Transforming Wannya!

15. Mikan Ran Away, Saionji!

16. The Ocean And The Lover's Tree

17. Is Hosho In India? Saionji

18. Momoka's Passport

19. Miyu's Real Home-The Mysterious House?

20. The Off-Season Home Visit

21. The Principle Reconciles With Monkichi

22. The Hike Of Fear

23. Everyone, Gather At Saionji

24. The Blackout Halloween

25. With Ruu-kun At The Department Store

26. Yaboshi Seiya's Warning

27. A Correspondence With Ruu's Parents

28. Sister Comes To Saionji

29. Nanami-chan And The Mysterious Tsukemonoishi

30. Wannya Wannya

31. The First Christmas With Saionji

32. Chris, ski, mansion

33. Kanata's Childhood Friend

34. Kanata's Promised Date

35. Bye Bye Wannya

36. The Heiomachi Onsen Excursion

37. Miyu's Idol Debut

38. Ruu-kun Has Multiplied

39. All 100 Ruu-kuns, Gather!

Season 2Edit

40. Kanata's Rival Appears?

41. Kanata and Nozomu's Showdown

42. Where Is Okame-chan?

43. The Family Assemble At Saionji

44. Koinobori Aren’t Scary

45. Cinderella Inside The Book

46. Chris And The White Whale

47. Miyu And Mini-Miyu Goes To School

48. Santa And Kanata's Weird Pot

49. Mizuno Sensei's Mysterious Trip

50. Stop It, Lazy Wannya

51. Mikan-san's Mysterious Promise

52. Saionji's Ghost Stories And The Mysterious Koishi Stones

53. Miyu and Kanata go to America

54. Everyone But Santa Goes To America

55. The Weird Object That Seiya Left Behind

56. Mecha Wannya Attacks!

57. Nozomu-kun Goes To The Dream World

58. My Pet Is Number One?

59. Pepo, Ruu, Wannya

60. Mikan works at Saionji

61. Miyu and Kanata's first kiss?

62. Nagger Kabokichi, Saionji

63. Anyone here? The scary lodge

64. Pen-friend comes

65. How boring the invention is!

66. Rival friend, rival in love

67. Teru of Planet Sharaku comes

68. Wannya vs. Shikada-san

69. Odd Guava's love

70. Momoka's Christmas

71. It is auspicious with the Seven Deities of Good

72. Miyu and matching kimonos

73. Miyu and kiddy Kanata

74. Good-bye, the bad team

75. Valentine's Day in Heio-machi

76. Ruu-kun is the leading role by a school festival

77. At the night of the full moon

78. See you again

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